Cheerleading Wins at 2017 CHEERSPORT Nationals


ATLANTA, Ga. – The Savannah State University cheerleading team won the Level 4 Division, Open 4 category at the CHEERSPORT Nationals in a two-day event with a final score of 87.62 Sunday.

The win is the first time that a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) has won a national CHEERSPORT event.

The last time SSU competed at CHEERSPORT was in 2013. Savannah State finished in eight place in the College Level 4.

CHEERSPORT was founded by all star coaches who loved competitive cheerleading/dance and who believed they could conduct competitions that would be better for the kids, the coaches and the spectators. They utilized their experiences (and frustrations) at other competitions to design CHEERSPORT.

Creating LevelPlay to offer multiple divisions based on skill level, using spring floors at every event, giving every team a banner or trophy to recognize their efforts… many of these things, while widely practiced now, were innovations in their day. CHEERSPORT continues to be a leader and innovator in the cheer industry. For more information about CHEERSPORT, visit:


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