Are Atlanta United becoming "America's team"?


Atlanta United celebrate Kevin Kratz goal vs. New England - Sept. 13, 2017

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The NFL has the Dallas Cowboys. The NBA has the LA Lakers. MLB has the New York Yankees.

MLS has Atlanta United?

Every major league in North America has a team that, for reasons good or bad, stands out as iconic.

MLS is still a little young to have that type of flagship franchise, but that doesn’t mean a few teams aren’t already making their case. Despite being in their first year of existence, Atlanta are perhaps making the strongest push of any team in 2017. They’ve rained goals on the opposition all year, and have been doing it in front of huge, raucous crowds, first at Bobby Dodd Stadium and now at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Deadspin recently took note of their impressive run, dubbing Atlanta United “America’s Team” thanks to their entertaining, high-scoring brand of soccer played in front of big-time crowds. They obviously can’t claim that title over the history of MLS, but, based on 2017 alone, they’ve got a strong argument.

Who do you think is America’s team? What about north of the border? Who’s Canada’s club? Share your thoughts and make your case in the comments section below. 

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